Centro de Pensamiento de la Industria Minera

Este Centro de Pensamiento es administrado por la Facultad de Minas, sede Medellín, de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Esta iniciativa apuesta por la construcción de conocimiento y la divulgación de ideas objetivas en pro de la minería del país. Este pretende enriquecer las políticas públicas y la minería sostenible con desarrollo comunitario. Por lo … Read more

Regional Center for Responsible Companies and Entrepreneurship – BELIEVE

CREER’s mission is to investigate and promote the protection, respect and remedy of human rights and sustainable development within the framework of business activities, as well as the transformation of conflicts from a human rights perspective, through dialogue and consensus building. In line with the Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB), CREER has proposed … Read more

Transparency for Colombia

Corporación Transparencia por Colombia is the national chapter of Transparency International. It was born in 1998 as a response of the Colombian civil society to a complex political scenario, due to the incidence of corruption in public institutions and the weakening of democracy. Since then, he has led civil society in the fight against corruption … Read more

Universidad de los Andes

It is an institution of higher education founded in 1948, autonomous, independent and innovative that promotes pluralism, tolerance and respect for ideas. It provides its students with a critical and ethical education to strengthen their awareness of their social and civic responsibilities.


We are a foundation of entrepreneurs, institutions and people committed to contribute their capabilities to the development of Santander. Prosantander is a center of thought and action for regional development that seeks to contribute to the identification, promotion and monitoring of policies, programs and projects to achieve sustainable development in the department. Our vision is … Read more

Avina Foundation

It works to contribute to concrete and relevant changes for a more sustainable development in Latin America. Avina currently operates in 21 Latin American countries.

Atabaque Foundation

It is an organization created in Chocó with the purpose of contributing to the recognition and social legitimacy of artisanal and small-scale mining in Colombia. It was born with the conviction of being a facilitator and articulator at the local, regional and national levels in order to promote transparent practices, fair markets and economic activities … Read more

Alliance for Responsible Mining

This is a global initiative that emerged in 2004 with the objective of transforming artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) into a socially and environmentally responsible activity that improves the quality of life of artisanal miners and their environment.

ABC Colombia, We are Territory

It is a non-governmental development organization founded in 2007 and dedicated to environmental sovereignty and governance issues. For the organization, it is important to understand and revalue the territory, which makes possible its own authentic development. This is carried out through education and communication experiences that promote a dialogue of knowledge in which research on … Read more

Royalties Investment Follow-up Committee – Cesar (CISR)

The Cesar Department’s Royalties Investment Monitoring Committee was formed in 2004. Its objective is to strengthen the culture and citizen participation in order to ensure the correct and adequate investment of public resources from coal royalties generated by mining operations in the department of Cesar.