Find out more about the initial steps in establishing the Civil Society Roundtable for Transparency in the Extractive Industries.


First approaches

First contact among civil society, national government representatives, and the Transparency in Extractive Industries (EITI) to coordinate Colombia’s participation.



Formation of the Civil Society Roundtable for Transparency in the Extractive Industries. Workshops were held in the mining area to introduce people to the EITI and attract new organisations to join the Roundtable.


First CTNs

The first CTN meeting of the National Tripartite Committee (CTN) to coordinate the participation of the three sectors in EITI and the Roundtable. Civil society continued to hold workshops to publicise the initiative.


First EITI report

CTN session for the preparation of the first EITI Colombia report in 2013. Civil society held an event which involved Latin American organisations allowing them to exchange experiences concerning transparency in the extractive sector.


2013 report presentation

The first EITI Colombia 2013 report was presented in Antioquia, Meta, Huila, Córdoba, and Casanare.



Review of the situation of the extractive industry, balance of the strengthening of grassroots organisations and new approaches to the Roundtable’s strategic agenda.


Transition period

Internal restructuring, proposals for lines of action, new governance mechanisms. Beginning of advocacy actions concerning the SGR.


Advocacy actions – SGR reform

Execution of advocacy actions concerning the SGR reform. Recommendations made to entities, communiqués, webinars, Civil society building a collective and strategic related to the EITI.


Internal consolidation and partnerships

• Restructuring of the subcommittees: SGR, EITI, and Environmental matters.
• The Roundtable’s affiliation to the Publish what you pay global network.
• Civil society contributions at CTNs, related to the EITI 2020 report and subnational EITI.
• Updating of the protocol.

Would you like to be part of the Civil Society Roundtable?

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the Roundtable should send a written request to the Technical Secretariat of the Roundtable, managed by the Transparency for Colombia Corporation.