Wayú community and access to information

We continue to provide training in transparency and access to information. On this occasion, the Civil Society Roundtable for Transparency in the Extractive Industries held two workshops on the identification of transparency and access to information needs in Hato Nuevo, Guajira.

The Wayú community of the Lomamato reservation actively participated in the first workshop, in which they talked about the Law of Access to Information 1712 of 2014 and the General System of Royalties (SGR). The indigenous community also learned about the existence and operation of the Collegiate Administrative and Decision Making Bodies (OCAD), the capacity – as an indigenous population – to present projects before the OCAD, and the possibility of being part of the Consultative Committees.

The indigenous reservation has had economic resources frozen for more than two years, which is why the second workshop focused on the Extractive Industry Value Chain, the General Participation System (SGP) and, once again, the General Royalties System (SGR).

This was a space that allowed attendees to solve doubts and share experiences, in addition to expressing their concern about the corruption issues surrounding the mayor’s office. Thanks to the Wayú community’s interest in learning more about the subject and generating projects that benefit them, we expect to continue working with this group on the needs for transparency and access to information that were identified in these workshops.

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